About US

Nuclear Workforce Strategies is produced by Wheeler & Company Consulting as a place to share news and information about the people behind the world’s nuclear energy facilities.  As “nukes” ourselves, we share a deep respect for our colleagues; the bright, dedicated people who build, maintain, and operate more than 400 nuclear power plants around the world. Through their hard word and diligence they’re making the world a better place by providing society with clean, reliable, cost effective and abundant energy to power a growing world.


About Wheeler & Company Consulting

Experienced nuclear industry leaders intuitively know when workforce challenges exist, but traditional HR analysis methods often fail to provide a systematic method of accurately predicting workforce trends. This places leaders in the difficult position of “feeling” they need to take action, while lacking the information they need to make decisions that will impact the future of their company.

That’s where Wheeler & Company can help. We offer innovative predictive workforce analysis techniques that unlock the secrets hidden within your HR data, enabling you to build the business case for action. We help you create workforce strategies that acknowledge the complex nature of the nuclear business, and the unique set of skills required to safely, reliably, and profitably operate nuclear energy facilities in today’s highly regulated and competitive environment.

We’re different from the large HR and management consulting firms because every member of our team grew up in the nuclear business. We’ve been on the front line; in nuclear plant control rooms, maintenance shops, work control centers, and classrooms. Because we’ve been there we understand your people, your culture, and the unique challenges your managers face every day.